In the Church



There are many ways to serve the Church, but the goal is all the same: to build up the Body of Christ.  One goal in serving inside of the church is to serve one another during the inevitable hardships that we experience by offering a presence of hope and compassion along with tangible ways to ease the suffering.  Another goal we have in serving the church is so we can make events happen.  It takes volunteers serving in various capacities to make the church work, from maintenance, to greeters on Sunday morning, helping set up chairs and tables, or with baking a cake every once in awhile. 

Our church has numerous opportunities to serve one another. We help one another by making meals for families in times of loss or hospitalization, visiting those that are affected by memory loss so caretakers can have time away, and visiting our home bound members just to name a few compassionate opportunities.  We are also always looking for people willing to use their time and gifts to help maintain the church building, organize events, and make worship happen on Sunday.  Every gift and person is welcome!