Who We Are

Are you hurting?  Filled with doubts and questions?

So are many of us!  Life is HARD.  We aren’t a group of people who know it all… we just know we are loved.  The rest?  We struggle through it together the best we can while trying to keep our hearts focused on Jesus, love and His lessons. 

Your questions are welcome.  Your doubts are welcome.  Your hurt is welcome. 


Church is not a building with an address, it’s a family with a mission, a people not a place!


First Presbyterian Church of Monroe is a group of people who desire to make a difference for Jesus Christ in our community through service, outreach and compassion.


A church is a group of broken, normal, messed up people who also desire to change, try, love and walk with each other in the hard and the good.  We are far from perfect and desire to be a humble community who love each other while we reach out to others.  That’s it – that’s a church.   Are you screwed up?  Hurting?   God loves you, please join us as we move through life together.


Our music is a blend of all types.  Our sanctuary is a place to glorify God and the best way is through love, laughter, relationship and compassion.  Church isn’t one day a week, one hour a Sunday, it’s connecting people to each other who will care, pray, love and help.

Our Mission

Making Disciples Who Together Know, Worship, and Serve Jesus Christ.  

This is not just a statement, but a simple vision for your life and the church.  We feel what Jesus calls us into a lifelong, discipling relationship that should grow due to our involvement in the local church.  There are also qualities that a disciple should pursue: being Together in community, Knowing what we believe and Whom we believe, loving God in personal and corporate Worship, and Serving those in need.  

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and that all people are made their true selves through a relationship with Him.
  • We believe in God and Holy Spirit and that all are called to be born again and made new through Jesus Christ.
  • We believe in the Bible as the inspired, authoritative Word of God; that it teaches us the desires of God’s heart and God’s vision for humanity
  • We believe that “without love” (1 Corinthians 13) we are nothing.  Love must be woven into every aspect of what we believe, do, say and promote!

Our Priorities

  • Inviting people to a vibrant, real relationship with Jesus Christ
  • To teach the Bible and the authority of Scripture in molding our hearts and lives for Christ!
  • To serve our diverse neighborhoods and create a community reflecting God's heart where all are welcoe and serve together in love and compassion.
  • To GIVE of all that we have: time, skills, money to those who need it most; we take seriously that our money is meant to go to teaching the lessons of Jesus and doing the lessons of Jesus in the life of friends and strangers alike.