Meet our Women's Circles

Joy & Faith Circle

The Joy & Faith Circle has been meeting and serving in our church and community with grace and love for many years.  This group of ladies meet together and have open discussions about Jesus and the Word while looking for opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus to further God's kingdom.  The Joy & Faith Circle meets at the church at 10 AM on the first Tuesday of the month.      

The Faith Journey Group

The Faith Journey Group is a newer women's circle group that meets at 6PM on the third Thursday of each month.  Just as the early church met in homes, the Faith Journey group members take turns hosting the gathering each month in their homes.  Each meeting includes time for fellowship, devotion, Bible study and prayer...and most importantly, getting to know each other and encouraging one another while enjoying refreshments.

The Joy and Faith Circle, with the support of the Faith Journey Group, hosted the "Potato Madness" Baked Potato Bar Fundraiser that benefited local charities: Operation Reach Out and The Closet Ministry of Monroe, along with other missions of the Women's Circles.  We had a wonderful time of fellowship and fun while enjoying a potato with all the trimmings.