There are various groups within the church that help create a sense of community.  They all have various roles and functions within the church.  

Presbyterian Women

Men of the Church

Good Times Group


Men’s Prayer Breakfast

The PW is a longstanding group in churches throughout the denomination.  They have Circles and Bible Studies meet on a variety of days and times for study and fellowship.  Throughout the year the PW also helps to put on events and raises funds to give to organizations within the communtiy and within the church.  

This group meets the third Thursday of each month at the church in Room 200 at 6:00 pm.  Throughout the year the group plans events for the church such as Family Fishing, Bowling Night, and helps with various projects around the church. 

This group for senior members meets once a month for meals, trips, or seasonal gatherings. 

The month to month work to fulfill the mission of the church is done in the committees.  Committees generally meet once a month.  The current committees are: Personnel, Serve and Care, Together, Christian Education, Property, and Worship.  Committees are always looking for people to help and furtehr the church and its mission.  

The Men's Prayer Breakfast meets every Thursday morning at Hilltop Restaurant for a time of Scripture, a short devotion, and Prayer.