Our Story

 The church started on September 26, 1873 with 13 charter members and was established as a mission church until around 1901.  The first building was a modest church that was purchased for $1,300, from the Methodist Episcopal Church at our current location.  By 1877, the congregation grew to a size of thirty-six.  The second sanctuary was build in 1901 with the first service being held on September 1, 1901.  It was an imposing structure of Washington red brick and Georgia granite.  Of great note at the time was the use of electricity to light the sanctuary.  The church was paid for by voluntary contributions for a total of $14,00 with only ninety-six members.  The church was fully paid for by 1906 and was dedicated on April 8, 1906.

    The present sanctuary was built in 1968 after raising money for years, buying additional property, and selling bonds to raise the $298,700 that was necessary.  The last service in the old sanctuary was March 31, 1968 after which it was razed and construction on the new sanctuary commenced.  During that time the congregation worshipped at Gordon Funeral Home.  The first service in the current sanctuary was on June 22, 1969.  The predominate feature of the current sanctuary are the stained glass windows built by Law Stained Glass Co. for $23,000.  The nine windows depict Old Testament and New Testament images with the main window depicting the crosses of Calvary.   

    We hope you find the church to be a warm, welcoming place where you can grow as a disciple and connect to others in meaningful relationships.

Our Mission

Our mission statement anchors the church: To Make Disciples Who Together Know, Love, and Serve Jesus Christ.  This is not just a statement, but a simple vision for your life and the church.  We feel what Jesus calls us into a lifelong, discipling relationship that should grow due to our involvement in the local church.  There are also qualities that a disciple should pursue: being Together in community, Knowing what we believe and Whom we believe, Loving God in personal and corporate worship, and Serving those in need.  

This statement filters how we make decisions, where we put our resources of time, talents, and money, and leads us forward.  It is also a statement that could do the same for your personal life.  Are you in a disciple relationship with Jesus Christ?  Do you spend time in community with other believers?  Are you learning more about God, the Bible, who God calls you to be and what to do?  Are you worshipping regularly?  Are you engaged in personal acts of worship like prayer and reading Scripture?  Do you serve others in your community?  Globally?  How is God calling you to use your blessings to bless others?  As a church we are committed to helping believers achieve these ends in life so you may gain the abundant life Jesus promises to all who follow him.